TUTORIAL-Working w/Rotate Center-Part 3 (TEXT LAYERS)

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TUTORIAL-Working w/Rotate Center-Part 3 (TEXT LAYERS)

Postby im42n8 » Sun Mar 16, 2014 6:31 pm


Text Layers are a long requested feature to ProShow. But, text layers are not simply a layer that has been transformed to a caption on a transparent background. Text Layer's have features of both a caption and normal layer. There has been considerable confusion over how this new ProShow feature is used. To make effective use of Text Layers, you need to a understand how they work. That's where this tutorial comes in.

This is the 3rd of 3 planned tutorials on "Sliding Panels." In this tutorial, I use the panels created in Part 1 as a backdrop for the caption layers. The intent is to show how to manipulate the text placement using tilt, rotation center changes, layer pan settings, rotation, and the caption position settings.

Text layers are unique in that the layer content is adjustable ... that is, you can move it around without actually moving the layer itself. So, it is possible to use only caption controls or only layer controls or both sets of controls at the same time.

This tutorial isn't meant as a comprehensive treatment of text layers. But, if you master the concepts presented in this tutorial, you will have no problem putting text layers to effective use. You will no longer have to guess about how to do something, you will know how to do it or at least have a very good idea on how to proceed. Oh, and no modifiers were used in any of the Sliding Panel tutorials, including this one...

The Menu Driven version (HTML 5): Sliding Panels, Part 3 (Text Layers)
The YouTube Version: Sliding Panels, Part 3 (Text Layers)
or here:


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