TUTORIAL: Pan Following Intro-Part 4 (ULTIMATE)

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TUTORIAL: Pan Following Intro-Part 4 (ULTIMATE)

Postby im42n8 » Thu Oct 31, 2013 6:27 pm

This represents another installment in the Pan Following tutorials. People want to know how to get a series of images to travel across the screen, one after the other, so that they look like they are all in “lock-step” with each other. There are many requests for how to do this effect. So, I delved into that topic with these tutorials. You will find the tutorials provide an in-depth and easy to understand explanation of how to create the effect that does not simply cover one special case situation.

I have provided a manual (non-modifier-based) method of accomplishing the effect and two different modifier-based techniques. The manual method and the first modifier-based method use a static background. The second modifier-based method covers how to get these multiple images to follow a background layer.

Pan Following, Part 4a (Follow Me, ~10 min) - The images move over a static background

Pan Following, Part 4b (Follow Me, ~ 12 min) - The images and background move together as one...

Pan Following, Part 4a. "Follow Me."
Pan Following, Part 4b. "Follow Me."


All four Pan Following tutorials comprise over an hour of instruction. At their conclusion, you will have the tools necessary to develop slideshows that competently utilize the concepts of pan following in nearly any type of slideshow you want to create, from the simple to complex, including nearly any special case setup as well. This enables you to create slideshows that are compelling while also appearing simple and engaging.
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