audio tracklist problem

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audio tracklist problem

Postby olivia » Sat Dec 02, 2017 11:48 am

I'here again after a long time hoping you can halp me.
May be at last I have understood.
My track list mixed with Audacity is good, tested more and more, bat looked corupted - no volume in many slides of my show.
I added a few minutes slide with another sound, so I adjusted the music options to 10% "soundtrack during other sounds".
I have some slides with a moving background (mute) and I think that soundtrack read no well during these slides (It's an anly long file)
May be this?
It is possible to take volume 0 or 10% during one slide ONLY?
I hope there is a simple process because I’m no able with many possibility of Proshow (5)– only elementary for me !!
Excuse my bad english I’m italien – school time is so far and Google is a horrible translator!
Thankyou so much

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