Today in the ProShow Blog - right click

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Today in the ProShow Blog - right click

Postby BarbaraC » Thu Mar 05, 2015 4:46 am

Today's blog post gives nice reminders of the all-powerful right-click menu, but one of the items didn't mention a truly easy way of applying a style to multiple slides, doubtless because right-clicking was the focus. Here's what's in the post:

"This right-click option allows you to apply the same style to multiple slides in a couple simple steps. To apply the same style to multiple slides, first select your slides, then right-click one of these slides and select Apply Slide Style. Once you’ve selected the style, click the Apply to Slides button on the bottom-right and it should update your selected slide with this style in your slide list."


"This neat little tool allows you to copy a slide’s effect to all or a specific set of slides directly from the slide list. To copy an effect from a slide, select the slides you’d like to copy an effect to (be sure to include slide containing the effect you want to copy), then right-click the slide containing the effect and select Copy Effect > Copy Slide Style to Selected Slides. You will receive a prompt asking you if you are sure you want to apply the same effect to your selected slides. Click Ok and ProShow will make this change for you with minimal effort."

My go-to method is selecting all the slides where I want a specific style, and then bringing up the Manage Effects menu. Double-clicking the desired style applies it to all selected slides.

This method doesn't exist in the regular style list, which may be a good thing since it could open the door to some monumental mistakes because we don't always realize we've inadvertently selected several slides. Using Manage Effects is a more deliberate act and therefore less likely to be used before checking what's been selected.

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