What to Charge for Wedding ?

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What to Charge for Wedding ?

Postby ozphoto » Thu Mar 15, 2012 12:00 pm

I am sure this has been discussed before. I have teamed up with a traditional wedding photographer and the thought of introducing some video into the presentation arose.

The question is this...

1) We can use a standard template for all weddings with the same transitions, effects etc. just import the photos add some legal music, burn the CD/DVD/BD and add to the package price.

2) We can as an alternative do a custom presentation and spend half a day putting it together.

The question we are struggling with is what to charge for each once of these?

I am sure someone has struggled with this and is successful in selling these as an add-on to the traditional wedding book or album or just stills on a disk.


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Re: What to Charge for Wedding ?

Postby lynn1102 » Fri Mar 16, 2012 4:18 pm

Since you didn't get a reply yet, I'll give this a shot. I used to have a business where I did a lot of wedding video (I'm retired now), and most of them had some sort of photo montage that could be played at the reception of during the service.
Six or eight years ago, prices for these were all over the board. Charging by the photo ran from a dollar each to 15 dollars each. Adding video to it added prices like a flat amount(10 to 15 dollars) per minute of video. Most guys charged extra for titles. I don't know anyone that charge by time for a complete job.
This could be and was a good money maker. I would do one or two for practice and see how long it takes - for a good high end job, a half day may not be enough. Then break it down into the amount of material you have in it. Don't forget any music or audio.
The template idea sounds good, but a couple spending a thousand dollars and one spending ten thousand is an entirely different breed and will want something extra special.
As a montage type thing, I've done quickies, per client, for two hundred dollars, and I've done jobs for over a thousand dollars just for the montages.
How much do you think you are worth?? That's number one priority. How does the photographer fit in and what does he get out of it.
If you're just putting this together with the photographers pictures and no other work on your part, I would charge by the hour - at that time I was charging seventy five dollars per hour just for the editing.
Good luck


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