My first wedding show - yikes, what do I bring?

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My first wedding show - yikes, what do I bring?

Postby danuah » Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:20 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm a new ProShow Producer user (this is my first post here), and am working on my first wedding slideshow this week. I used to own a freelance graphic design business, got into teaching, got laid off from teaching, and decided to re-start my freelance business with an emphasis on slideshows and some photography.

I worked out a deal with a photographer friend (and the agreement of a couple whose wedding he photographed) to obtain their wedding photos so I could make my first (pro-bono) slideshow as a demo for my website. My site should be finished by next week.

I have business cards coming tomorrow via FedEx.

I just learned TODAY that our county has a big wedding show on January 22nd and that there's still time for me to obtain a shared table space for my business.

Now I am scrambling and have realized that I have no idea what to bring to the show. Here are my thoughts, but I'd love to hear from others, especially someone who may have experience doing this kind of thing.

I was thinking of having a large canvas print or banner with my company name (Bella Vita Creative) made through Costco or a place like that to hang behind me.

Then I was thinking of having either business cards, postcards, or brochures (even 8-1/x by 11 sell sheets, if necessary) to distribute to prospective brides who visit my "booth." I was also thinking of hanging some enlarged photos or at least having a couple on stands to show my photography.

Primarily, though, I want to advertise reception shows (slideshows showing the bride and groom growing up and during their courtship), and wedding photo shows. I wanted to bring a laptop and have my show looping at the table for people to see. I was thinking of having a drawing for a free slideshow as my give-away (say, 50 photos max or something like that).

Then I got to wondering if maybe I could get a digital photo frame that shows slideshows that I could set up instead? Or maybe I could set up our big monitor with the laptop to present the show? (Can you tell I'm thinking out loud as I type?) Regarding the digital photo frame, does anyone use one to promote their slideshow business? If so, what kind is recommended that could play music along with the show?

Anyway, I don't want to break the bank getting things together for the show (it costs $150 just to share a table), but it sounds like an awesome opportunity to network and get my name out with clients and other vendors. I want to come across as professional as possible and I've done some checking around our area and have only found one or two other photographers who offer this kind of service (and they don't play it up much, either).

So I am highly motivated to take part in this wedding show, especially since I am just getting started.

Thanks for any and all input! :)

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Re: My first wedding show - yikes, what do I bring?

Postby VernonRobinson » Tue Jan 17, 2012 1:46 pm

Since you are sharing a table, maybe a large monitor or small LCD television would be in order. The problem is sound. Sound is 60 - 70 percent of the show. In that environment, it will be hard to stand out. Also, with only one show to present..... I would think that you want to showcase several different shows to highlight your slide making ability. Maybe you can use work with other photographers and get a similar non-exclusive type of arrangement. Good luck.


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Re: My first wedding show - yikes, what do I bring?

Postby Bart_B » Tue Jan 17, 2012 3:39 pm

To add to Vernon's suggestions. Take a set of headphones with you. Better sound that way anyway and you must use great music. The music is what sets up the emotional impact and that is what sells!


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