A new advertising trend is comming our way $$$

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Re: A new advertising trend is comming our way $$$

Postby quikchip » Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:29 pm

Most of them do the work and deliver a finished product for $5.00 ....

"i will make a slideshow out of all your photos and will add some amazing animation effects. Great for desktop slideshows, website gallery, frame slideshow etc and also add frames if you want. i can also make a youtube video out of all your photos with music. "

"I will make a promotional video out of 10 photos and set it to music for your business for $5 Get an affordable promotional video for your business for just $5. You provide the photos/graphics, I'll add the video effects and music, then send you the mp4 file. Use it on youtube, your website, your blog, etc. One revision and a "video by" graphic are included"

The purpose of this post was to show examples of advertisements not the $5.00 price. But the $5.00 price is ridiculous. We have had voice-overs done by Fiverr artist and they have been great.

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Re: A new advertising trend is comming our way $$$

Postby PhotoMill » Fri Jul 01, 2011 6:37 pm

Hello Jean Pierre,

I must direct you to the digital signage association. They are the forerunners in it all and the stats collectors as well. They hold umpteen "white papers" on every known digital signage venue that works and does not work. The DSA website is www.digitalsignagetoday.com In the digital signage world, which I have entered as well, you will either stay on top of the trends, or you will die very quickly. I have contacted Photodex and asked several times if they could create a code for splitting a screen (screen splitting) but they failed to see the advantage to my quere. There are many, many companies out there that will supply not only the hardware but also the programming and assistance that you need to get started at a grass roots level. But, to do it right, you better have the $$$. Just go to the site that I gave you and register yourself in order to get the latest trend news. Currently, I am negotiating with a major electronic supplier for commercial grade (VERY important) LED lit, 20 inch monitors with 5 year commercial warranty being the most essential of my requested needs. Digital Signage is not new. It's been around now for about 7 years in Canada. Today's client wants split screening so that DSS feeds are constant and ticker tape bulletins are not interrupted by a faulty screen or internet feed. In Ontario, we are not allowed to install a digital sign in any venue unless it has been installed by a certified cable installer. That means more cost. Commercial grade equipment (screens) are up to 70% more expensive than home use screens. There is a lot to be aware of my friend. I've been caught and I learned very fast and the "hard way" as well. You should also talk to your insurance provider to make sure that you are covered for any thing that could go wrong with your installation. I have now come to the conclusion that running my signage over the local cable company is far more effective and costs much less. The trend now of course is to provide "touch screens" so that customers can do more, depending on the venue of course. I could go on and on about the "DOOH" system (digital out of home). It's a great new avenue to work in. No question about that at all. But if nothing else, "be on top of it !"

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Re: A new advertising trend is comming our way $$$

Postby PaulS » Sat Jul 02, 2011 2:03 pm

These look like "loss leaders" to me. I'd be really surprised if you got very much for only 5 bucks. I can see lots of opportunity for them to push add-ons.


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