** IMPORTANT ** - Please Read Before Posting!

Post a link to your templates that you'd like to share with other ProShow Producer users
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** IMPORTANT ** - Please Read Before Posting!

Postby MG - Admin » Sun Sep 20, 2015 1:14 pm

When posting a slide style or template to share please follow the guidelines below:

1) The thread title must include the name of the slide style or template.

2) You must also provide a description of the slide style or template. Simply stating "enjoy!" is not a description and will result in a deleted post.

3) You must state that all content - images included - are of your own creation. Posting for someone else or using content that belongs to another person without their permission is forbidden.

The problem we've been having is that members are posting slide styles and templates that are either not their own, contain images or content not belonging to them, or are being posted only with the purpose of driving traffic to a different site other than the forum. Some of those sites contain items that have been "copied" from the original content creators and I won't support that.

If you are sharing an original slide style or template of your own creation you're welcome to share it here.

If any of the above is not included it may result in the thread being deleted without warning. If the problem of posting non-conforming content persists I may have to change posting permissions requiring members to request permission as I've done for posting in the "Sample Shows & Feedback" sections.

Thank you for everyone's cooperation.


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