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Re: Best alternative to Proshow Producer

Postby Lin Evans » Sun Oct 21, 2018 2:06 pm

You have no time to create 3D animations with Producer because you "can't" produce 3D animations with Producer. I've seen the "3D" animations of cubes made with Producer and they are representative of what you call 2D 1/2 and not REAL 3D creations which are what PTE makes. Your assumptions about what can and can't be done with PTE are totally wrong. PTE has had hierarchical parent/child/grandchild, etc., capabilities for 12 years and true 3D transforms for 9 years. The fact that you were and are not aware of this is well documented by what you have said.

You are beating a dead horse here and I think you know it. You're making excuses for not demonstrating an example of Producer's results equivalent to those I have demonstrated. 3D animations are far from all the things which can be done with PTE which can't be done with Producer. The point is that I suggested it as an alternate and you didn't like it - tough. I have as much right to my opinions as you have to yours here. I've been on this forum for a long, long time just like you.

I can easily burn my shows to BluRay if I choose to do that with inexpensive 3rd party software. I can easily import lossless images with PTE. Just for your information, there are many lossless formats beside the one you are using. I have choices of thousands of free music selections. That has never been a problem. So I guess you will be using something other than Producer if you do not want to use a "pseudo 3D program" because that's the only kind of 3D which Producer can make.

You use faulty logic (Proshow can not be an "alternate" to itself).

I don't work for professionals, I "am" a professional and I use both Producer and PTE as well as mObjects and Wings Platinum and other software for professional projects. As I've said before, you're welcome to your opinions but don't try to snow people with unwarranted assertions about things you have no knowledge of because it will come back to bite you on your behind. People are not blind. They can easily click on the links I have provided and see for themselves the differences in what can and can't be done. Each program has its strengths and weaknesses but you are not willing to accept the facts.

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