Are there still people working with ProShow ?

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Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Postby Luke_Miller » Thu Jun 14, 2018 3:25 am

I still find it useful. If I have heavy video content I will use Premiere Pro. I find it much easier to do the still image effects in Producer, but can do most of what I need to do in Premiere Pro if necessary. With the Version 9 ability to output my Producer slide show as an (essentially) uncompressed file I can do the slide show in Producer and then merge the slide show and video content in Premiere Pro.

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Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Postby Eddie2001 » Wed Aug 01, 2018 1:03 pm

I've pretty much given up on ProShow....the fact that Photodex is either unable or unwilling to make a 64 bit version of PSP means that I'll be searching for other software to make my slide shows. The Photodex people told me 7 years ago that a 64 bit program would be 'soon', but I guess it means how one defines 'soon'.

Just today I got the error "unable to create file account larger than 2 GB" ...come on Photodex, it is 2018 and 32 bit programs are obsolete. And this was just for a show running about 1 hour 45 minutes - about 630 slides with no audio and minimal special effects. I was trying to make a PC exe show. Right now I am burning a Blu-Ray which is ok, but again PSP is behind the times with only a 24 fps for Blu-Ray. I am very sensitive to flickering and at 24 fps the transitions between slides are very jerky, not smooth like a PC.exe show has.

I do like PSP for smaller shows, but now that I am getting into more shows and longer ones, PSP is falling short.

Also I've noticed that I never get any kind of promo emails from them anymore...makes me wonder if Photodex will even be around much longer, or if they even care about us hobby type as opposed to the professionals. I doubt though that any real pros would even consider a 32 bit program what with 4K stills and video now. I did make a short show in 4K and it is much better than the standard high-def (1080), but again PSP can't handle a show of any length in 4K.

I did download 64 bit slide show try out versions from a couple of other companies and I will be testing them and see how they work.

Thanks for reading :)

Eddie in hot Mesa AZ

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Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Postby Dieter » Sun Aug 05, 2018 2:45 am

Hello Eddi,

I agree with Eddi. I am near 2 GB with my Shows(60 min.) too. I need 64 bits that is the futures.
Okay the PSP 9* has now 24/25/30 fps for BluRay. The software from other companies I think does not offer anymore. In Germany there is nothing comparable only much more expensive.
The quality of the videos from my DSLR in PSP could be better too. It would be nice PSP would be have for musik volumcontrol a lightbar like Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere.
More and more comes 4K and 4k is very big. With 32 bit almost not possible.
I hope Photodex know what the customers need and work on it. PSP is still a powerfull software with wom I like to work but she shouldrevise her.

Best regards Dieter

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Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Postby nsd3 » Tue Aug 14, 2018 3:19 am

Yes, I think there’s still a lot of people use ProShow. Despite it’s now quite aged and clunky interface and the lack of 64 bit support, I’ve yet to find a better alternative.

I feel Photodex’s stance on promoting ProShow and engaging with their customers is perhaps the most perplexing to understand. Unlike a lot of other software providers, Photodex doesn’t market ProShow aggressively. I can’t recall the last time I happened across any type of reference to Photodex products when browsing the web. As someone who is very interested in all thing audio visual, I’m certainly frequenting the places where you would expect Photodex to have some presence. So lack of promotion will see a lower return in growing its customer base. That’s one potential reason.

Similarly, lack of communication from Photodex, especially about the roadmap ProShow is taking raises concerns with their existing customers. Successive releases of their products have not been innovative, and even the lack of bug fixing beyond the first weeks of a new release dry up. Add that together, and the perspective from the customer’s point of view is a slow losing of faith in ProShow.

My guess, is that as a relatively small company, Photodex is channelling its resources at developing the 64 bit successor to ProShow. That is no small task. Changes to the source code, maintaining backwards compatibility, ensuring that all their effects and slide styles (not to mention the tens of thousands of customer made effects/styles) all remain functional is no small undertaking. Although ProShow may be at version 9, its core coding is still version 1. Some aspects of the program cannot be simply expanded upon, to add functionality means re-writing core components to accommodate future product feature enhancements. Again, that adds significantly to development time. I can say that I speak from some experience here. As someone who has worked in the IT industry for over 35 years, I’ve written programs and have experienced the issue, where I couldn’t add new features because it was simply too inefficient and nigh on impossible to do so, when based on the existing source code I’d originally written. It was better to start again.

We’ve all read through this forum, the desires and wish lists of ProShow users wanting this or that feature. I believe Photodex realises the only way forward is to start again, and that is why we’re seeing little progress with ProShow as we know it. I can recall a product I used called Cool Edit Pro. It was an audio editing program (Digital Audio Workstation as they now call such things) that was developed by a company called Syntrillium (two guys Robert Ellison and David Johnston). Adobe eventually purchased Cool Edit Pro as the missing audio element in their creative suite series portfolio. It took Adobe over a year to come out with the re-badged Cool Edit Pro, and it became Adobe Audition. No new functionality, just the Adobe corporate look skinned over the top of the product, and that was with all the resources Adobe has at its disposal. I used Cool Edit Pro from 1997-98 and have continued to use it through all its version changes as Adobe Audition, right up to this day. I can see the difference in how modern programming techniques allow much better flexibility and control in software development.

I mention all this as context as to why (perhaps) Photodex appears silent in both promoting and developing ProShow. If the above is the path they’ve taken, it’s a long one. I can only think Photodex don’t want to publicly announce they’re working on a 64 bit version of ProShow because they’re concerned people will put off buying their current products waiting for the new candidate. However the time it takes to perform a re-write is huge, so I’m not surprised at the apparent lack of progress.

Still, just like everyone else is saying, it would be nice to know!


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Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Postby Jeep » Wed Aug 15, 2018 12:07 am

Hi Steeve

I do absolutely agree with all your post. However, in another thread someone has quoted a reply of Photodex saying they were working on a 64-bit version and a MacOs one. This should explain why there is a lack in new functions developped in the last months, we may think that they will be integrated in these new releases.

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Re: Are there still people working with ProShow ?

Postby trshaner » Wed Aug 15, 2018 6:53 am

I'm not an experienced ProShow user and don't create that many slideshow videos. When I do experience a problem this is my first source for solutions. I don't have extensive product knowledge so probably not the right person to be trying to solve other's issues. I suspect a large number of ProShow users fall into this category.


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