Circles - DVD vs Computer Screen

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Circles - DVD vs Computer Screen

Postby mlebo » Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:31 am

Hi Everyone - New to the forum! I've been working with Proshow Producer for about a year. Here's my question:

I have a pictures that has vignette settings to make it appear in the shape of a circle (shape: rounded rectangle, vignette size: 9.5, border size: 0, corner size: 100). On my computer screen and during computer playback the pictures is in the shape of a perfect circle. However, I published the show to a DVD and upon playback, the circle is not perfect. The right and left sides of the circles are cut off. It looks like two half-almost circles connected by a vertical line.

Any ideas how to fix this and why it would look different when published on a DVD versus on the computer?


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Re: Circles - DVD vs Computer Screen

Postby heckydog » Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:25 pm

Welcome to the forum, Michelle.

My first thought has to do with the pixel aspect ratio, commonly referred to as the PAR. Sometimes they can be different between your monitor and the screen that your dvd player may be connected to.

Your monitor should have square pixels, with a PAR of 1:1. Have you tried playing the finished dvd on your computer? Or are you playing it on a standalone dvd player connected to a TV?

Your computer should show the same perfect circle as you're seeing on the preview screen for PSP. Assuming you have a newer TV, there should be some kind of screen mode setting to change the screen mode between wide, zoom, normal, or stretch. Or something similar. It should be set to normal I would think.


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