Animating flames or fire

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Animating flames or fire

Postby ReinWPStudio » Sat Feb 11, 2017 8:59 am

Hello . . .

I'm Rein Whitt-Pritchette and I am doing a ProShow Production that deals with a pottery exhibition I saw at the University of New Mexico Art Museum last year. Incredible work . . . so much so that I decided to create 30 spots featuring each of the 60 pieces. The concept is to take each pot, and create the process of
firing it . . . with the end result — the finished piece. Have thusfar created the several images of a pot going through the the firing process, a moving background, and text for the individual artist [ artists ] associated with each of the pieces . . . now I need to figure out how to create moving flames around the pot.

If anybody has an idea if how to accomplish this, I would really appreciate the input. I'm not familiar with animation images or timing.

Don't know if I get notification if someone has responded to this, so I leave my direct e_Mail;

Thank you for this moment of your time . . .

Rein Whitt-Pritchette
Artist || Serigrapher

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