Desaturation non-function while burning Blu-Ray

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Desaturation non-function while burning Blu-Ray

Postby hcajones » Tue Jan 03, 2017 1:46 pm

Virtually all photos I use in my ProShow shows are first edited in Photoshop. I deliberately very slightly over-saturate the photos because of the one-click desaturation function in ProShow. If after Photoshop editing the photos look undersaturated in ProShow, my only option is to add saturation to every photo, individually, either in Photoshop or ProShow -- a very slow process for a large show. On the other hand, if I deliberately leave everything slightly oversaturated, then I can desaturate every photo to, say, 90% with just one click in ProShow, and then adjust again with one click if that still isn't quite right.

However, after the most recent ProShow upgrade, shows I was burning to Blu-Ray discs refused to desaturate. They came out the same whether desaturate was set to 100% or 10%. I just spent some time on the phone with ProShow tech support over several days. I am told this is an inherent problem recently discovered in ProShow which will, eventually, be fixed. But currently, if you use the new, default rendering setting in ProShow, it will not desaturate photos for a Blu-Ray disc. You need to change the rendering setting to MPEG, which ProShow acknowledges will result in a lower-quality disc. They don't know when they will have a fix for this. They tell me desaturate still works fine for DVDs.

It took a lot of time and effort to get this all figured out, so I thought I'd pass it along in the hopes it will save time and effort for others.

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Re: Desaturation non-function while burning Blu-Ray

Postby banjoguy » Wed Jul 12, 2017 6:34 pm

That's an interesting response from ProShow because I just ran two batches of BluRay's and DVD's tonight and made the error of not playing either before making multiple copies. Long story short, I always run 80% desaturation, as suggested, however, for both DVD's and BluRay it makes no difference whether I leave the box unchecked or check it for 80%. Colors are oversaturated on both disc types. Running an EXE on the PC shows natural colors. Displaying on TV's results in poor images due to oversaturation. The results are amateurish and not up to professional standards at all. I hope there is a fix coming for this.
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