Director and Creator going Subscription based

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Re: Director and Creator going Subscription based

Postby twodoor55 » Tue Feb 11, 2020 3:17 pm

Not a fan of a subscription based product. I am currently looking for alternatives. I truly enjoyed working with PSP but not willing or able to handle the cost of a monthly subscription on a soon to be limited income. I am so sad.
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Re: Director and Creator going Subscription based

Postby mrdcambs » Wed Feb 12, 2020 2:18 am

Hi twodoor55: why look for an alternative? You can continue to use Producer for the foreseeable future, and unless it does
not cater for something you wish to do in your slideshows stick with it. The only facility that will disappear is the
Music Library (because that is registered to Photodex, who no longer exist), but there are many alternative sites
offering free music downloads (e.g. and

Regards - Mike - UK

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Re: Director and Creator going Subscription based

Postby Richard_T » Mon Mar 30, 2020 11:36 am

I dip in and out of pro show every once in a while - so pretty much a hobby user.
Its also been quite a long while since i looked on this site ( proshow enthusiasts) and was a little surprised to see proshow is no more.

As mentioned earlier i dip in and out of proshow, so you would have thought that a subscription service would be ideal for me, however i have a few issues:
1: With any software by subscription model you are at the mercy of the software developers - if you find they suddenly dissapear like pro show/photodex then what? anything that you have created, any time spent on getting to grips with the software all for nothing?

2 If subscribing you feel compelled to use it at the moment i may use proshow for something very small, or a larger project- i can take bits form a large show and out them into something small, or the other way round, i can dip in and make a small bit for something that may not see the light of day for some time, then theres the fear of what happened in 1

I'm quite happy to subscribe to media consumption services such as those that stream video and audio ( ie the likes of netflix/spotfiy etc) generally once ive seen a movie/tv show i dont re-watch it, with music i may listen to it several times, and should my music subscription service cease to exist then as a consumer its easy to either find another one, or get hold of the physical media the only thing you need to put any time into is learning the user interface of play/pause/stop/fast forward/rewind which is pretty universal.
something that is a completely different when the same concept of subscription is applied to software used to create

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Re: Director and Creator going Subscription based

Postby Bob Harper » Fri May 01, 2020 2:45 am

Haven't been here for quite some time but
continue to use Proshow Producer 9
and it ALWAYS delivers!

I use it for television commercials and videos because I find, for some
strange reason, I feel far more comfortable with the layout and timeline system than working
with traditional Non-Linear Editors. IF ONLY it were 64 bit but
when it becomes an issue I just render something and then bring it back in AND
of course always SAVE, SAVE, SAVE in case it decides to take a nap.

I can achieve animation effects much faster as well. Heck, I watched
a training video of DaVinci Resolve's "Fusion" element and it took the guy 16 mouse clicks and
moves to do something with text that I can do in PP9 in 1 or 2!!!

ANYWAY....sorry to ramble on....but just wanted to ADD my name to the list
of an "Avid" Proshow enthusiast who will NEVER jump to a subscription based format.

I avoid Adobe and the rest of the subscription and/or proprietary types
like the plague specifically for that reason!

I think back to when I added print to my arsenal
and everyone said I HAD to get Photoshop. Well, I found XARA Designer Pro and
have cranked out 100s of 1st quality ads and print pieces. PLUS, it's far less cumbersome
in workflow.

In audio I was told I HAD to get Pro Tools by Avid. (Just check those forums and the screaming and rants never end!)
Seems like a LOT of those folks are constantly wasting time with TECH SUPPORT!
Well, I ended up finding something far better, for my kind of work, that I could buy outright and
not be at the mercy of a corporation.

Like others have said, +1

Happy trails to all...



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