HD Output settings for Media Players

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HD Output settings for Media Players

Postby Lozboz » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:44 am


Newbie question so please be gentle if it has been covered before. A search doesn't seem to find that is the case.

I have been using PSG fo several years and always output to DVD.

I now have a fancy 55" network connected HD TV and would like to output to files on my server and stream the completed shows to the TV. This works fine for films, although I have only ripped normal DVD's not Blu Ray.

The HD Video File output option in PSG produces about 25gb per hour files which strains all the components and the network.

Am I missing a trick here? There must be a better way of outputing to a compressed HD format.

Can anyone assist?

Many Thanks and apologies if its been asked before


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