Create a movie synopsis for your mediaplayer

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Create a movie synopsis for your mediaplayer

Postby rovaval » Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:33 pm

I use PSP also to create a movie synopsis for my mediaplayer (WD TV LIVE).
I created a nice background and import a poster of the movie and place it on the background and add a shadow.
Next I copy the synopsis text from a movie site and place it on the background; add the title and year and the imdb score and ready you are!
Then I create a HD movie (720p) of about 10 seconds to keep the file within a reasonable size.
I copy the poster and add a big sized text "SYNOPSIS" on it and give it the same name as the synopsis movie.
Give the main movie it's name, f.i. "The American (2010) 6,6 DD5.1.iso" and the synopsis movie "The American (2010) 6,6 DD5.1 Synopsis.mpg" and the files will be nicely sorted next to each other, each with it's own poster picture!

When I start the synopsis mpg-file on my mediaplayer, I push the pause button, so I have enough time to read.

I think it's an idea worth to share.....

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Re: Create a movie synopsis for your mediaplayer

Postby Astra » Sun Sep 19, 2010 2:49 pm

Nice idea !!!
Thanks for sharing.

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